Major: Administration
  •     Business administration
  •     Public administration
  •     Law and work protection in Poland and EU
  •     Administration of public security
Level of studies: 1st degree studies
Form of the studies: extramural program
Professional title: B.A.
6The duration of the studies: 3 years/ 6 terms

Description of the major
The graduate of the faculty of Administration, specialization Business administration and Public administration will be versatile prepared and in accordance with educational standards for realization of tasks in administration, in particularly in state and local administration, and as well as in state enterprises, local enterprises and private enterprises.
The graduate has the skills in general knowledge in the field of social sciences, which is very crucial during tasks realizations which are ordered in the administrative structures of local government.
The graduate has a versatile knowledge about law and administration but also basic economical knowledge.
The graduate has skills in using acquired knowledge in professional job. Impeccable ethical and moral attitude results from perfect knowledge of procedures and rules of administrative procedure.
The graduate is prepared for work in different types of officials, both government and local government ( ministries, officials: offices of employment, city and gmina assistant social centers, school inspectorates) and in organs of supervision and control (labor inspection, trade inspection, RIO,NIK) and also for usage of law in nonpublic institutions.
During the learning process an emphasis is placed on decision-making process with the distinction of all stages of law application, which caused that the graduate has the competences and abilities in issuing both simple administrative decisions and the more complicated ones from the scope of government administration, local administration and sectors related with the State Treasury.
The graduate is prepared for self-improvement and making progress in developing acquired knowledge and abilities in terms of the integral process in Europe.
The graduate can solve the professional problems, has the ability to communicate with the coworkers, both in making collegial decision making as well as in the situation of self solving problems which concern the issues of subordinate employees.
The graduate has the abilities to use available sources of information and technology which is needed in official, which require fast acquisition and processing of information. The graduate has ability of active presence in group work and organization and supervisor small teams.
The graduate has ability to establish his/her own enterprise, and demonstrating the knowledge of law and ability to use it in practice.
The graduate knows foreign language on the B2 level of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and is able to use technical language of administration, law and economy, on the level necessary for fulfilling his/her work duties.
The graduate is ready to start 2nd degree studies.
Such prepared graduates will be indispensable for the efficient implementation of the state policy requiring from the person elected to the position of the officer on the administrative position impeccable moral and social attitude, ability to work creatively and on high and still developing his/her professional level. Moreover, the person who has abilities to use the law and know the procedures and guarantees the reliability, speed and confidence in working in administration, and this in turn cause that in the future such factors will be sine qua non conditions for administrative workers. Broad competences of graduates will be useful in the cooperation with the entrepreneurs, during conducting different projects (public-private partnership) as well as during other projects which results from the activity of our polish community on the polish and international field.

Major: Administration
Specializations: Business Administration/ Public Administration/ Law and work protection
Level of studies: 1st degree studies
Form of the studies: extramural program
Professional title: B.A.
The duration of the studies: 3 years/ 6 terms

Description of the major:
The studies on the major of Administration on the specialization of Business Administration which is devoted for people who are interested in starting new job in the administrative and economic institutions at different level.
The aim of the study is prepare high qualified Cadre and prepare them to take part in other projects connected with administration and management even in public-private partnership aspect.
Process of studies includes:
knowing the theoretical and practical knowledge form different ranges of law necessary for better functioning in the economical section.
knowing theoretical and practical aspects and rules of organization and functioning of state, local and economic administration.
gaining practical abilities, which are necessary for managing of human resources and organization of office work, preparing different projects for economy.
creating the basis for ethical attitude in the sphere of public administration,
acquiring the abilities in interpersonal contacts
acquiring the practical and technical knowledge to solve the problems in state and local administration, even in the structures of EU .
Gaining the knowledge in the field of regional economic politics, spatial development and real estate.

The graduate of the specialization Business Administration knows:
  • economic law,
  • customs law,
  • proceedings and administrative law,
  • financial public system,
  • procedures of the management of public services.
Rules for public contracts
Environmental protection law in Poland and in EU
Basis of civil, international and criminal law
Moreover, the graduate of that specialization knows at least one foreign language, necessary for functioning in the sector of business administration.