Major: Pedagogy
    • According to the Regulations, student can make a choice of  specialization till the end of 4th term.          
Level of studies: 1st degree studies
Form of the studies: extramural program
Professional title: B.A. 
The duration of the studies: 3 years/ 6 terms

The subjects which were during the study and the practices the graduates are prepared to work in institutions:
  • educational
  • local government
  • tutorial
  • caring
  • social
  • clinics
  • employing establishments – as a:
    • educators
    • keepers
    • advisers
    • organizers of pedagogical activities

The graduates of the pedagogy could work in different forms of extracurricular lessons and after-school works. 
  • Acquired competences will be useful in:
  • Employers’ organizations
  • Trade Unions
  • Therapeutic clinics
  • Centers of family support and social assistance
  • Non-governmental  associations
  • The studies enable also conducting own business

Humanistic higher education – pedagogue – gives the graduates special preferences and many advantages. Such professional preparation, our graduates has humanistic approach towards their job, expansiveness, life wisdom and a high level of ethics.