Major: Energetics
Specializations: According to the Regulations student can make a choice of  specialization till the end of 4th term.  
    •  Energy Economy
    • Renewable energy production and processing/ Energetic Technologies 
Level of studies: 1st degree studies
Form of the studies: extramural program
Professional title: engineer 
The duration of the studies: 3 ,5 years/ 7 terms

Description of the major:
  • Higher Studies of Engineering
  • The graduate gain the title: Energetic Engineer
  • Training according to the standards of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • Good cadre of academics from renowned universities
  • Equipped laboratories

Title energetic engineer entitled to:
  • continue the studies on M.A. degree in all polytechnics (gaining the M.A. engineer title) and in some school of economics,
  • work on managerial positions
  • raise awareness of postgraduate programs

The classes are on Saturdays and Sundays
Admissions based on register

What can you learn on the Energetic major?
The graduate on Energetic major possess solid engineering knowledge:
  • Basic knowledge from energetic field ( electrical power engineering, alternative energy sources, nuclear power)
  • construction, operation and maintenance of systems and energy equipment
  • actual energetic problems (energetics and the environment, modern saving power technologies f. ex. in motorization)
  • energy economy (in the enterprise, country, EU and in global scale)
  • energetic law.

The graduate of Energetic major has the abilities in the field of:
  • Cooperation in group and team management
  • Basis of economy and management
  • Basis of accounting
  • Modern information technologies
  • Foreign language
The graduate of Energetic major gain the qualifications in the field of:
  • design, maintenance and exploration of systems and energy equipment
  • planning and supervision of energy management
  • implementing of energetic norms
  • implementing of environment protection norms connected with energy usage
  • making an energic balances for businesses
Where the graduate can find a job after an energetic major?
  • Electricity operators ( electricity, gas, fuel)
  • State and local administration, non-governmental institutions of environment protection,  production companies, enterprises connected with energetic and environment protection.
What additional courses you can choose?
  • Preparing to ECDL Certificate ( European Computer Driving License)
  • Energy saving motorization ( with mechatronics elements)